Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fluxhibition 5.4: Case of Assemblage Works Sent to the Chicago Cultural Arts Center for Fluxfest Chicago 2012

1.    OM.2011.192 - TICTAC – (Germany) -  'My Little Primer' Children's Fluxus Primer -  Box Assemblage with foam letters that spell FLUXUS.

2.    FLUX4.067 - Jamie Newton – (USA) - Sorry I Missed You - 2010  - rock with writing, jewel case

3.    OM.2012.019 - David Dellafiora - (Geelong, Australia) - "Tip Top - As Seen on TV" - matchbox collage

4.    'Jack of Fluxus'  - 2007 - Norman Sherfield (USA) 4x3 inches - Plastic box with found objects

5.    "For Life-Like Snaps" - Peter Swann -  (U.K.) - vintage photograph, die, checker,key, button and other found objects in a wooden box with a Kodak film label on the side inscribed: 'reload with Kodak Film for life-like snaps.' 2.75x2.75x1 inches

6.    Rick Columbo – (USA) - Nat Sherman cigarette box with collage on exterior and assemblage in interior

7.    Organ F - Ride an Organ, Burn an Organ - Rebecca Cunningham – (Brisbane, Australia)
Artifact in a plastic box

8.    FluxFlight Field Study - David Dellafiora – (Geelong, Australia) - 2006
Plastic box with title page, pencil, plastic stencil of an airplane, instructions

9.    Whale of a Tale collage on panel by Marty Gordon (USA)

10.  Fluxbox – 2008 - Don E. Boyd – (USA) plastic hardware box with dead bug and plant material

11.  Fluxus Rubber Stamp Set (two stamps) in Wooden box by JF Chapelle (France) #2/8

12.  End of the World box assemblage by Matthew Rose (Paris, France)

13.  "Tordenskjold`s Nightmare"  (2009) Lis Gundlach Sell  - (Copenhagen, Denmark)
matches without sulfur in a matchbox. On the matchbox a picture after a painting of Tordenskjold. Tordenskjold (1690-1720) was a Norwegian naval hero in the Danish-Norwegian army. Won many battles with cannons.

14.  FLUX4.049 ARTIST’S BOOK: Fill it with body fluids (roll of toilet paper)- Jorge Artajo – (Spain)

15.  From the Yard (Bunny Box) – 2008 Keith Buchholz - Fluxus Saint Louis (USA)
painted match box with bunny, interior: bottle of Mississippi river water, lilac twigs, map

16.  FLUX4.104 Champe Smith – (USA) - Equivalency – shredded currency in a cardboard tube with metal lid

17.  Pal Csaba – (Hungary) Joker – glued together partial deck of cards

18.  FLUX4.045 Cosmic Inventory Kit #2 Fluxbox Jeff Berner – (USA) - Plastic box with photographs, found objects, vintage papers and misc. items

19.  Abad.2010.010 – M – (France) a book about death – hand made book.

20.  Caranovic Predrag – (Serbia) framed photograph of gypsies

21.  Fluxvision glasses - Cecil Touchon – 2008 - Vintage glasses with original case with lenses sanded down so that, when worn the center of one's vision is blinded leaving only peripheral vision. Instruction: Use to look at an art exhibition

22.  El Juego de los Dados - (The Game of the Dice) - Javier Bassi – (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Caja de metal con textos, dados. (round metal box with dice and collaged texts)
6,5 diámetro x 2,3 cm. 2010

23.  Laura Dunn – (USA)  Fluxwax – encaustic in a small matchbox

24.  Dilar Pereira –(Portugal) box with four minutes, thirty-three seconds of silence inside

25.  OM.2012.023 - Gary Bibb – (USA) - 2012 -  "Black Twine #14" -  found object construction (or assemblage) -  4.25" x 3.25" x 1" 

26.  die with the number one – Mark Block – (USA)

27.  piss up a rope necklace – Cathy Bennett – (USA)

28.  Cinco Marias – Angela Ferrera – (Brazil) – metal case with 5 sand bags and instructions.

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