Wednesday, February 29, 2012

OM.2012.093 - Ewan Aparicio - United Kingdom

OM.2012.093 - Ewan Aparicio -This is It - collage on paper

OM.2012.088-092 - Risa Schneider - USA

OM.2012.088.a.b.c - Risa Schneider -  Blues Suite (I, II, and III), 2010 -- three 4 x 6 inch collages:
     acrylic hand-painted papers, magazine and newspaper elements, acrylic medium on  
     postcard/watercolor postcards.

OM.2012.092 - Risa Schneider - Gypsy -  A Collage Book -  2011 -- approx 7 x 8 by 1/2 inch altered book: acrylic hand-painted papers, magazine and newspaper elements, found papers, tea-bags
     peeled-paper image transfer, water-soluable crayon, sharpie marker, acrylic medium on children's board book

 OM.2012.089 - Risa Schneider - Spheres of Light -  2009 -- 5 x 7 inch collage: acrylic hand- painted paper, magazine and newspaper elements, acrylic medium on cardstock

 OM.2012.090 - Risa Schneider -Tinned Fish IV, 2011--3 x 4 x 1 inch assemblage:
     acrylic hand-painted papers, decorative papers, acrylic medium, fish tin  

OM.2012.091 - Risa Schneider - IBTW, 2012--1/2 x 2 x 4 inch (including hooks)-- acrylic hand-painted papers, magazine and newspaper elements, acrylic medium, "Smalls" Altoid tin, fish hooks, monofilament    fishing line, lead sinkers

Statement Risa Schneider

Collage and assemblage are interesting to me because they are art forms both practical and transformative, wherein something beautiful or engaging can be made even of something that might otherwise be considered useless or scrap. Much like quilting, collage can be a way of utilizing available materials and giving them a whole new life. This impulse to make something beautiful even if with humble materials, is, I think, quite an old impulse, even a timeless one. Yet collage and assemblage also seem particularly suited to contemporary concerns—be it in reflecting the faster pace, and sometimes fractured reality, of our daily lives since the early 20th century, or by speaking to our growing understanding of the importance of environmental concerns. I think, too, that they are contemporary also because they are democratic art forms--that can allow and enable artists who have might have less formal training to find and develop their artistic voice, at the same time that they have allowed formally trained and master artists to take their work in new and different directions these past one hundred years.

OM.2012.087 - Chris Rusak - USA

 OM.2012.087 - Chris Rusak - USA - collage on panel


"Collage is visual composition with elements liberated of their normal use. Collage is a way to apply media onto a surface to reflect or absorb light. Collage is painting. All the elements of painting exist within the practice of collage: line, color, translucency, stroke, the illusion of dimension. It is anti-painting, neo-painting. It is drawing and sculpture. It is an accumulation and obliteration of all other practices of art.

I began my work in collage after struggling for years to understand my way around traditional brush and palette painting. I gave up the brush and used found objects to apply the paint, but still never felt a satisfaction for or reconciliation with my compositional vision. When, out of frustration, I began to rip up papers and arrange them on a table, I realized that the surface inks were the pigment I wanted to work with, and the gestural tear of my hand or a pull of a knife were the brushstroke. The creation from destruction, a natural force of renewal, helped destroy the barriers I had encountered."

OM.2012.086 - Lou Anne Hazel - USA

OM.2012.086 - Lou Anne Hazel - Altered Egos Transformation - mixed media collage -

Artist Statement-Lou Anne Hazel

I began making collages as a child.  Using objects to create an image excited me because I wasn’t limited to a single medium.  Though my hands would appear blackened and bruised with the powders of chalk pastels, I could scrub them until they looked new again, and fashion a fanciful muse with cobalt blue ribbon, shiny buttons, and glitter.  In early adulthood I became a skilled black and white photographer.  By combining my photographs with other objects I created mixed media collages and three-dimensional assemblages. With the appearance of digital image technology, I can now embrace any medium that speaks to me.  

My current work combines photography, assorted printed materials, digital manipulation of images, tactile media such as acrylic paints, and found objects in an atmosphere that allows me to investigate whatever piques my interest.  While my work tends to be somewhat narrative, I believe that it echoes common experiences of many others from my cultural background.  As a mixed media collage artist I often step back into the shoes of my childhood, finding ways to combine bits of memorabilia into personal vignettes that I can share with others.

OM.2012.085 - Karon L. Johnson - USA

OM.2012.085 - Karon L. Johnson - Calliope - collage on canvas -16"x16"


I paint with paper.  It becomes music which interweaves melodies to unite the whole.

The influences of Picasso, Matisse, Gris, Miro, Mondrian, Schwitters, The Japanese,
Anne Ryan inform the work.  Architecture, antiquity, everyday experiences add to the
creative visualization of each piece.   Always aspiring to the sacred in art.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OM.2012.084 - Seeking Kali Collective

OM.2012.084 - Seeking Kali Collective - Insidiae - Box Assemblage -  15 x 17 x 7 cm. Materials are cloth, paper, string and mirror with collage elements.

Artist Statement -
Seeking Kali has been interested in exploring collage making because it allows for 3D expression vs 'flat' media and as a 3D art work it invites the viewer IN to experience the piece.
What intrigues us is that it has an assembling aspect both as (obvious) technique and as statement, i.e. bringing together pieces to make a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.
This way, constructing an art piece by way of collage can be seen as a metaphor for expressing an idea by way of connecting/weaving/bringing together separate thought fragments. In a meta way it can be seen to stand for a society's challenge to connect heterogeneous forces therein. 
The title, "Insidiae" with is Latin for conspiracy is a a play on words in relation to the method of art making we do as the Seeking Kali Collective. Our pieces are worked out as a group as a direct refutation of the idea of the artist as an isolated cultural worker.

Seeking Kali is William Evertson (USA), Susan Shulman (Canada) and Ria Vanden Eynde (Belgium)

OM.2012.081, 082, 083 - John Andrew Dixon - USA

 OM.2012.081 - John Andrew Dixon - USA
 OM.2012.082 - John Andrew Dixon - USA

OM.2012.083 - John Andrew Dixon - USA

John Andrew Dixon — a statement from the artist

After a full century, people may continue to debate whether collage as a technique was “invented” by George Braque or Pablo Picasso, but in my considered view, the seminal genius of the medium was Kurt Schwitters, perhaps the first modern artist to fully master the process. I hold the opinion that relatively few aesthetic traditions emerged from early-20th-century collage experiments without the inherent sensibilities of DADA, and I find it endlessly fascinating to probe toward the heart of creative spontaneity while unraveling the ever-present contrasts of beauty versus non-beauty, optimism versus pessimism, and art versus anti-art. In addition to being intrigued by such mindful intuition, I remain awestruck by the capacity to create extrinsic value from everyday material that has virtually no intrinsic worth. By aesthetic sensitivity and creative ingenuity, anything that has been discarded can be infused with meaning or be brought into a contributory connection with our daily awareness. Thus, the core relationship between found material and the art of collage transmits a unifying principle. When the remnants of ordinary living are physically re-purposed to inevitably resolve their unique compositional harmony, the underlying link between visual form and symbolic communication is revealed. When the literal characteristics of the ingredient elements are successfully transcended, a culminating artifact offers the potential for a shared experience with each participating observer. I am convinced that the resulting totality of emotional impressions and layered associations derive more from a deeper artistic intent than from conscious decision making. As in most improvisational activity, there is ample opportunity for mystery, surprise, discovery, and joy.

John Andrew Dixon — biographical summary

With a 40-year foundation as a designer and illustrator, John Andrew Dixon brings a new creative focus to his work as a collage artist, wood engraver, and watercolorist. His Kentucky studio is in the heart of historic downtown Danville.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

OM.2012.080 - Frederick Epistola -Philippines

OM.2012.080 - Frederick Epistola  -Philippines - Visual Existence through a Random Consciousness. 
 Mixed Media Collage - 8.5”x11”

Artist Statement:
Collage is a product of one’s vision, emotion, thoughts and juxtaposition of found objects, color and texture, all of which can emphasize the common theme of man’s social relationships, of his culture, and history. It involves the technique of assembling and combining found objects from different contexts and randomly placing them on a plane to create an imagery reflective of both spontaneity and consciousness.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OM.2012.079 - Janice Mcdonald - USA

OM.2012.079- Janice Mcdonald - Mischief - collage

Artist Statement

I still remember the first collage I ever made, a second grade assignment. I was enchanted by the hunt for materials and the idea of rearranging reality to suit my own sensibilities.
These days my collages are abstract -- created with fragments of paper and recycled imagery collected from my daily life and wanderings. I'm especially intrigued with the often-overlooked backgrounds and negative spaces in everyday printed materials.
The softness of ripped elements lends a painterly feeling -- any straight lines are a function of the image I've selected or a paper's edge. Compositions are not planned in advance but grow/change/evolve over time.
Collage-making has become a very contemplative practice for me. The process of deconstructing images and then re-integrating many pieces, to create something completely new, is an intuitive and ongoing visual experiment.
I love the elegance and freedom of the collage medium and am continually inspired and fascinated by the variety of work that is being produced. Happy hundred years of collage!

om.2012.078 - Robin Ross - USA

OM.2012.078 - Robin Ross - Cigar Box #40 - mixed media assemblage

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OM.2012.076 + 077 - Robert McGraw - USA

OM.2012.076 - Robert McGraw - USA - “Space-Time” - 11”x14” matted to 8”x10.5” -  2012
Materials: Acrylic paint, sandpaper, plastic discs, sheet plastic, “Contact” paper, and metal, on Bristol paper.

OM.2012.076 - Robert McGraw - USA -  “Voyages: New World II”-  2.5” x 3.5” - 2012 - Materials: Acrylic paint and paper, on plastic.

Artist Statement
Collage gives me the freedom to follow where Imagination leads.
Hardware, bits of sandpaper, old floppy discs, semi-precious gemstones: If such disparate materials produce the result I want, I am free to use them (...and I have). Collage doesn't constrain my imagination.

I invite viewers to join with me in the creative process by using their imagination to complete the "backstory" of my works.
[The viewer's imagination would have more latitude if I used serial numbers rather than titles, but many viewers think works without titles are unsettling. Therefore I give titles, but they are often cryptic or sketchy.]

I find joy and satisfaction in using my imagination. I hope your imagination finds joy in creating its own interpretations.

OM.2012.075 - Silvia Bocca - Argentina

OM.2012.075 - Silvia Bocca - Buenos Aires, Argentina -Blue eye shadow (2012), 6x8x7 cm. Description: Assemblage in a used eye shadow box, acetate film, carved design on transparent plastic, found objects and oil colours.

OM.2012.073 + 074 - Suzé Gilbert - USA

 OM.2012.073 - Suzé Gilbert - USA - Earthbound - 4" x 6" - collage with magazine papers
OM.2012.074 - Suzé Gilbert - USA - Global Shortage - 4" x 6" - collage with magazine papers

Artist Statement:

When I was young I watched my Polish great-grandmother gather scraps of old worn-out clothing and by sewing those pieces together, create a utilitarian quilt. Inspired by her patience in cutting and stitching, collage brings together those disparate elements of cast- off fragments of life, whether it be magazines, clothing, letters, or books.
The process of creating a new dialogue by incorporating pieces of paper into a cohesive whole is a meditative process for me, and one that continues to engage me as printed matter declines in our technological present life.

OM.2012.072 - Goran Petmil - USA

OM.2012.072 - Goran Petmil - Green+Red collage 181/2 by 14, 2011
I am using different kinds of painted paper to create my work. This piece has one part from a magazine like photography but it is hard to see. I prefer hand work and work with paint. Some the areas look like print which gave new dimension and opened a new horizontal way to make the collage more exciting.

Artist Statement:
Ever since I came out to Long Island I started collecting found objects: small pieces of drift wood usually found on Southampton beaches and rusty metal objects from rail roads. I transform these pieces into small assemblages. Later I enjoy cutting all different woods and make medium size wooden constructions. These last couple of years collages have become very important in my work.
My process starts with painting using different paint, using larger brushes fast strucks on all kinds of  white paper, second stage is cutting interesting pieces and my process of creating abstract or realistic collages is coming to most exciting moment when the creative process and assemblage becoming very important for creation of art. This process of making art for me is one step higher and more creative than usually painting or drawing, I like mixing cutting magazines with collages.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OM.2012.071 - June Levinson - USA

OM.2012.071 - June Levinson - USA - Assemblage

OM.2012.070 - Andrew Riley Clark - USA

OM.2012.070 - Andrew Riley Clark - USA - "Habitat01 [Am : 20120204]"
Box assemblage, 3.7 x 6.9 x 2.5 cm (closed)

I'm relatively new to assemblage per se, but for me it seems to be
coming from a number of existing projects, interests, and influences:
found objects, painting, collage, junk & detritus, urban decay,
mechanical/industrial aesthetics, toys & miniatures, model building,
sci fi & fantasy. I enjoy taking seemingly useless and discardable
pieces and making them into their own little worlds.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fluxhibition 5.4: Case of Assemblage Works Sent to the Chicago Cultural Arts Center for Fluxfest Chicago 2012

1.    OM.2011.192 - TICTAC – (Germany) -  'My Little Primer' Children's Fluxus Primer -  Box Assemblage with foam letters that spell FLUXUS.

2.    FLUX4.067 - Jamie Newton – (USA) - Sorry I Missed You - 2010  - rock with writing, jewel case

3.    OM.2012.019 - David Dellafiora - (Geelong, Australia) - "Tip Top - As Seen on TV" - matchbox collage

4.    'Jack of Fluxus'  - 2007 - Norman Sherfield (USA) 4x3 inches - Plastic box with found objects

5.    "For Life-Like Snaps" - Peter Swann -  (U.K.) - vintage photograph, die, checker,key, button and other found objects in a wooden box with a Kodak film label on the side inscribed: 'reload with Kodak Film for life-like snaps.' 2.75x2.75x1 inches

6.    Rick Columbo – (USA) - Nat Sherman cigarette box with collage on exterior and assemblage in interior

7.    Organ F - Ride an Organ, Burn an Organ - Rebecca Cunningham – (Brisbane, Australia)
Artifact in a plastic box

8.    FluxFlight Field Study - David Dellafiora – (Geelong, Australia) - 2006
Plastic box with title page, pencil, plastic stencil of an airplane, instructions

9.    Whale of a Tale collage on panel by Marty Gordon (USA)

10.  Fluxbox – 2008 - Don E. Boyd – (USA) plastic hardware box with dead bug and plant material

11.  Fluxus Rubber Stamp Set (two stamps) in Wooden box by JF Chapelle (France) #2/8

12.  End of the World box assemblage by Matthew Rose (Paris, France)

13.  "Tordenskjold`s Nightmare"  (2009) Lis Gundlach Sell  - (Copenhagen, Denmark)
matches without sulfur in a matchbox. On the matchbox a picture after a painting of Tordenskjold. Tordenskjold (1690-1720) was a Norwegian naval hero in the Danish-Norwegian army. Won many battles with cannons.

14.  FLUX4.049 ARTIST’S BOOK: Fill it with body fluids (roll of toilet paper)- Jorge Artajo – (Spain)

15.  From the Yard (Bunny Box) – 2008 Keith Buchholz - Fluxus Saint Louis (USA)
painted match box with bunny, interior: bottle of Mississippi river water, lilac twigs, map

16.  FLUX4.104 Champe Smith – (USA) - Equivalency – shredded currency in a cardboard tube with metal lid

17.  Pal Csaba – (Hungary) Joker – glued together partial deck of cards

18.  FLUX4.045 Cosmic Inventory Kit #2 Fluxbox Jeff Berner – (USA) - Plastic box with photographs, found objects, vintage papers and misc. items

19.  Abad.2010.010 – M – (France) a book about death – hand made book.

20.  Caranovic Predrag – (Serbia) framed photograph of gypsies

21.  Fluxvision glasses - Cecil Touchon – 2008 - Vintage glasses with original case with lenses sanded down so that, when worn the center of one's vision is blinded leaving only peripheral vision. Instruction: Use to look at an art exhibition

22.  El Juego de los Dados - (The Game of the Dice) - Javier Bassi – (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Caja de metal con textos, dados. (round metal box with dice and collaged texts)
6,5 diámetro x 2,3 cm. 2010

23.  Laura Dunn – (USA)  Fluxwax – encaustic in a small matchbox

24.  Dilar Pereira –(Portugal) box with four minutes, thirty-three seconds of silence inside

25.  OM.2012.023 - Gary Bibb – (USA) - 2012 -  "Black Twine #14" -  found object construction (or assemblage) -  4.25" x 3.25" x 1" 

26.  die with the number one – Mark Block – (USA)

27.  piss up a rope necklace – Cathy Bennett – (USA)

28.  Cinco Marias – Angela Ferrera – (Brazil) – metal case with 5 sand bags and instructions.

Monday, February 6, 2012

OM.2012.069 - Robert.McKeown - USA

 OM.2012.069 - Robert.McKeown - USA - Space #5: A Little Leg - 2011 - paper collage on color paper -12 X 12 inches

OM.2012.068 - Joel Schapira - USA

OM.2012.068 - Joel Schapira - USA - Rattling the Cage - Assemblage - 19"w x 12"h x 6"d - materials include: cardboard, metal seam binding, retired library card catalog cards, ribbon, string, wooden propeller, rubber stampings, boy scout manual pages, fallout shelter instructions, and beeswax.

OM.2012.067 - Mark Tobin Moore - USA

OM.2012.067 - Mark Tobin Moore - USA - Keep Up Your Guard - 24 1/4 x 8 x 2 1/4 inches - 2006 - mixed media assemblage with acrylic paint, wood glue, found objects, and magazine photographs on a recycled piece of wood from a demolished house. Framed with salvaged interior trim molding.

OM.2012.066 - Gwenn Mayers - USA

OM.2012.066 - Gwenn Mayers - USA -  'Untitled' - 2011 - Found paper collage - 3 x 3 inches

OM.2012.065 - Kerry Ann Lee - New Zealand

OM.2012.065 - Kerry Ann Lee - New Zealand - Double Dragon - 2012 - 30x30.5cm - digital montage

 origin: gift of the artist

OM.2012.064 - Wen Redmond - USA

OM.2012.064 - Wen Redmond - USA - Silent Sentries - 2011- 9x9 inches
Origin: gift of the artist

OM.2012.063 - Martin Holm - Sweden

 OM.2012.063 - Martin Holm - Sweden - Sarah Palin, Dinosaurus Rex
2011, A4-format, Printed Paper and Acrylics.
Made from fragments of Zdeněk Burian's dinosaur illustrations.

OM.2012.061 & 062 - Joan Schulze - USA

OM.2012.061 - Joan Schulze - USA - collage on paper
 OM.2012.062 - Joan Schulze - USA - collage on paper

OM.2012.060 - Rosaire.Appel - USA

OM.2012.060 - Rosaire.Appel - USA -  'Various Owners' - two framed 5”x7” - collages using printed papers plus ink and graphite.

Collage is such a natural activity – putting things together, turning them around, seeing what happens – I think we do it spontaneously. Cooking is like that. This is visual cooking. Collage allows me swift escape from confines of my own known gestures and mind into unpredictable territory. I’ll also add that there is such a glut of used material here – in this country, in this city, in my file cabinets - that it seems imperative to take advantage of it. Used papers are perhaps my favorite surfaces to draw on – they know a bit about life already; clean starched sheets are formidable.

OM.2012.059 - Tamara Wyndham - USA

OM.2012.059 - Tamara Wyndham - USA - AOXOMOXOA - acrylic and collage on paper, 5 x 7 inches -  The title, AOXOMOXOA, is a palindrome from the Grateful Dead album.

Collage was brought into modern art by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, but had a longer history in folk art before them. It continues to be a vital part of contemporary practice, most especially in the new technologies of digital graphics.

OM.2012.058 Jenelle Fleck - USA

OM.2012.058 Jenelle Fleck - USA - Winter Blues - 2011 - collage - 9.5 X 6 inches composed of torn and cut pieces of painted art tissue and rice paper, adhered to watercolor paper. The white acrylic paint appears to have been painted after the papers were laid down, but it was not, It was an element of painted art tissue that I was able to manipulate and use to the effect I wanted.

OM.2012.057 - Jenelle Fleck - USA

OM.2012.057 - Jenelle Fleck - USA -“Obscure” - 2012 - collage - 4 x 6 inches - Korean hymnal pages, Chinese script, rice paper, painted tissue and fabric on watercolor paper.

OM.2012.056 Anthony Cricchio - USA

OM.2012.056 Anthony Cricchio - USA - "Warped Location"  2012 - 9" x 12" Basswood with Found Objects

OM.2012.055 - Marie Kafeero - USA

OM.2012.055 -  Marie Kafeero - USA -   "Sometimes We Wear Disguises 1" -  2012
 Original Mixed Media (Archival Ink, Bristol paper, Found Vintage Photograph, Acrylic
 Paint, Pencil, Glue, Colored Pencil)

OM.2012.054 - Kelly Gorman - USA

OM.2012.054 - Kelly Gorman - USA -   "The Three Palm Seers"  2009 - Original Collage (Found Paper, glue, found vintage postcard)
 Note: This work was created in the UK and previously exhibited in the UK

OM.2012.053 - Margaret Suchland - USA

OM.2012.053 -  Margaret Suchland - USA -  Lexicon n.4 - 2011 -  6x4inches
Materials used: vintage early 20th c. dictionary pages digitally printed with early alphabet characters and other ephemera

OM.2012.052 - Miguel Jimenez - El Taller de Zenon - Spain

OM.2012.052 - Miguel Jimenez - El Taller de Zenon - Spain - 'Untitled' - 11,5x21 cm. - 2012 - Mixed technique.
Poesia Visual y Arte Postal en El Taller de Zenón

Exposición de pinturas de Miguel Jimenez en

OM.2012.051 - Judith Monroe - USA

OM.2012.051 - Judith Monroe - USA - Mixed Media Collage

OM.2012.050 - Emilija Damjanovic- Noris - Macedonia

OM.2012.050 - Emilija Damjanovic- Noris - Macedonia - A Hat - 2011
dimensions:diameter 30 cm - medium: collage on vinyl music record
note: This artwork is fashion design,in collage technique

OM.2012.048 & 049 - Connie Jean - USA

 OM.2012.048 - Connie Jean - USA - Yoo-Hoo Jesus - 2011
     Mixed Media: Soda can, tin can lid, paint, wood.
     6 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches.

 OM.2012.049 - Connie Jean - USA - Seagram's 7 Jesus - 2011
     Collage: Paper, cardboard. - 4 by 6 inches.