Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OM.2012.102,103,104 - David Baptiste Chirot - USA

 OM.2012.102 - David Baptiste Chirot - FLUXUS STREET THEATRE

 OM.2012.103 - David Baptiste Chirot -The Hideout
OM.2012.104 - David Baptiste Chirot - This Window

OM.2012.101 - Suzé Gilbert-Maroc - USA

OM.2012.101 - Suzé Gilbert-Maroc - USA - postcard collage

Artist Statement:

When I was young I watched my Polish great-grandmother gather scraps of old worn-out clothing and by sewing those pieces together, create a utilitarian quilt. Inspired by her patience in cutting and stitching, collage brings together those disparate elements of cast- off fragments of life, whether it be magazines, clothing, letters, or books.
The process of creating a new dialogue by incorporating pieces of paper into a cohesive whole is a meditative process for me, and one that continues to engage me as printed matter declines in our technological present life.

OM.2012.100 - Kristin Reed - USA

OM.2012.100 - Kristin Reed - USA

Thursday, March 15, 2012

OM.2012.099 - Josie Beszant - U.K.

OM.2012.099 - Josie Beszant - I am with You - 10x8 inches shadow box assemblage
Materials used include: Old deeds, music, thread, gold leaf, acrylic, perspex, acetate, photographs, pattern paper.

The work shares themes dealt with in much of my art, those of spirituality and the impermanence of life. This specific piece looks at the presence of ancestors known and unknown in our lives the legacy of unknown history that becomes part of the fabric of our lives.



OM.2012.098 - Elizabeth Ostrander - USA

OM.2012.098 - Elizabeth Ostrander - Eastport Beach 2 - assemblage

OM.2012.097 - Marina Bancroft - Canada

OM.2012.097 - Marina Bancroft - The Blue Eye- 2007 - 16” x 16” x 5/8” - Collage on canvas

  • I have to play with the materials at hand, moving the bits and pieces around, until they settle into their spots, and then stay there. Somehow, the resulting image makes sense to me. I never know how or why it all comes together, but collage is the way through.

OM.2012.096 Rebecca Swanson USA

OM.2012.096 Rebecca Swanson Time Passages

Collage allows my subconscious mind to become conscious thinking.  In Time Passages

I am pondering human relationships and the fragility of life.  We are all in a never ending shifting, growing, changing, dying cycle.  In this piece, I use discarded paintings, pen and ink drawings and color copies.

OM.2012.095 - Cordula Kagemann - Germany

OM.2012.095 - Cordula Kagemann - Germany - In Touch - 12x12 inches - mixed media collage on canvas ( found papers and images, acrylics, varnish and graphite.)

OM.2012.094 - Ellen Alt - USA

OM.2012.094 - Ellen Alt - USA
Collage is my baseline, history and foundation.  It is where I spring off from and bounce back to.  It is all about the mixing: the endless combinations of papers, natural elements next to abstract ones and fine art with everyday objects.  I arrange materials like paint and then pour wax and epoxy resin.  My goal is forming cohesion though spontaneity and play.