Thursday, May 10, 2012

Om.2012.128, 129,130 - Csaba Pal - Hungary

 Om.2012.128 - Csaba Pal - mixed media collage
 Om.2012.129 - Csaba Pal - mixed media collage
Om.2012.128 - Csaba Pal - mixed media collage

OM.2012.127 - Bernd Reichert - Belgium

OM.2012.127 - Bernd Reichert - Belgium
Title: Artist Statement
Dimension: 18x24 cm
Year: 2011
On Collage:
I see collages as a juxtaposition of elements, images and objects which are incoherent to each other, thereby exercising a decontextualising form of violence on language and image alike.
The truth is in the deconstruction (Magritte).
They exercise the deconstruction of visual and perceptional language codes as a form of representation combining images and writing and, by consequence, the empowerment of the object as supply of sensitivity.
The collages contain a kind of strangeness, a disturbing element disquieting the spectator/ reader who is confronted to a series of elements taken from one's everyday life which, being put one next to each other, provoke, suddenly, an incoherent situation, a source of obscurity and vagueness.

om.2012.126 - Aline Keith - USA

om.2012.126 - Aline Keith - collage

OM.2012.125 - Carolyn M. Quarnberg - USA

OM.2012.125 - Carolyn M. Quarnberg - School of Fish - 2010

om.2012.124 - Donna J. Witten - USA

om.2012.124 - Donna J. Witten - Peep Holls #1 - 2007
7" x 7" x 1" - 2007 -Cutout paper bird silhouttes in a Holl's chocolates cardboard box (Holls is a West Virginia small specialty chocolate business)

OM.2012.123 - Marian Savill - United Kingdom

om.2012.123 - Marian Savill - Revelation - 2009.jpg

"Creating assemblage pieces with found objects and used materials, which others view as the detritus of life, fascinates me. The possibilities of the used, the discarded and the throwaway provide me with constant inspiration and creative challenges.  The very nature of the materials I use to build my assemblages simultaneously binds me to the past, captures the present and illuminates the future. Assemblage is about making connections, drawing yesterday into today and projecting today into tomorrow."

OM.2012.122 - Isabel Ferreira Alves - Portugal

 om.2012.122 - Isabel Ferreira Alves - Feminine Tale -Collage
10,50cm x 15,50cm - 2011


I make a reinterpretation of a postcard from the 50’s and from a daily life magazine from 2011. The reading is made by a subject in 2011, born in the 1970’s Portugal. An interpretation of the symbolic from the two moments in time as well as from the two spaces, represented here with the presence of words and the infinite array of daily experiences* wish continue to present themselves to us. Then as now.

Isabel Ferreira Alves


Reinterpretação de um postal dos anos 50 e de um pedaço de revista do quotidiano do ano de 2011. A leitura é feita por um sujeito, em 2011, nascido em Portugal nos anos 70. Uma leitura do simbólico dos dois tempos e dos dois espaços, com as palavras e vivências infinitas que se nos / vos apresentam. Então como agora.